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Graphic standards (4496 kb)

TrueTurf brochure (2829 kb)

TrueTurf newspaper ad series
(781 kb)

TrueCourt brochure (15927 kb)

TrueCourt 4C magazine ad
(1762 kb)

Card deck DM card (1970 kb)

Short Game Green sell sheet (2177 kb)

6 × 9 DM card (1970 kb)

Live sites:


TrueSports Network, Inc.

This client needed everything - identity, stationery, brochures, direct mail, display ads and websites. 

TrueSports Network sells high-end recreational amenities for businesses and upscale homeowners in the “do-it-for-me” market. This market is further segmented by activity – game courts for racquet-based sports or basketball, and synthetic putting greens for golf. 

The amenities represent fully discretionary spending, thereby requiring highly polished websites and collateral materials. These items are also needed to compete directly against a larger, more established brand.

Using on-location and studio photography, targeted copywriting and graphic design, Digital Design Studios created and produced the branding and marketing communication vehicles for TrueSports, and for segments TrueTurf and TrueCourt. 

TruePlay, originally a specialty component supplier, now supplies the same components used by TrueSports Network directly to independent dealers and DIY end users.



Business card


Hoops brochure (2024 kb)

Newspaper ad series (984 kb)

Live sites:


PlayMaker, Inc.

This client also sells high-end recreational amenities, concentrating primarily on basketball goals and game courts - but strictly limiting sales to the do-it-yourself market. 

In addition to the usual brochure and identity materials, this client wanted DIY customers to easily find them via major internet search engines. DDSI optimized both the hoops and the court sites to have top 10 "organic" search results in the three top search engines for several important search phrases. After a one-time investment in SEO, both PlayMaker sites still have excellent organic search engine results more than four years later!

PlayMaker also wanted a series of small size (read: affordable) newspaper ads designed solely to drive traffic to their websites. 



Newspaper price ad (223 kb)

Newspaper image ad (1005 kb)

4C program image ad (289 kb)

Newspaper event ads (2175 kb)

Collateral piece (131 kb)


NAPA Auto Parts

Over the years, DDSI has produced hundreds of regional price/product or promotional newspaper ads for long-time client NAPA Auto Parts. DDSI also created and produced image ads, event ads, and internal materials, as needed.



Trifold brochure (3469 kb)


Smith Grounds Management, Inc.

SGM needed a new internet domain name (so e-mail didn't end with the dreaded ""), a website, a brochure, and a new graphics style for all customer touch points, including the trade show booth. DDSI produced a clean, simple design and carried it through to all of these elements, creating a unifying look and feel, reinforcing SGM's already excellent reputation in the field. 


That's just a few of the success stories our clients have had. Quite simply, DDSI takes the time to understand your market, and your target audience, to develop marketing communications that help create the best opportunity for your success. 

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